Ahora Sonando Bamba is a music service you can hire for bars, cafés, restaurants, hotels or any other public place where people get together.

It sets a musical identity for the space playing music you’ll love at the right time.


Bamba works connected to your Spotify Premium account.

As your place’s Admin, use Bamba Settings to choose what kind of music you want to be heard at your space and the energy level for each moment of the day.

Bamba Settings

Bamba will ask for the user’s location to make sure they’re at your spot.

It will tell them what’s playing, what comes next, and display a music menu with great albums so the user can queue songs for that moment.

If nobody requests a song, your Bamba will auto-choose something to keep building the music mood.


Bamba is only U$D 19.99 a month. Subscribe today and get a free week trial. Ask us for special pricing for multiple locations!